AIM – member of the Consultative Platform of Civil Society Representatives at the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

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On December 10, AIM participated in the meeting to set up the Consultative Platform of the representatives of the civil society at the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova.

AIM has become a member of this platform and will represent AIM within the thematic group Nr. 4 for the economy and the business environment.

The meeting was chaired by the President of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, Zinaida Greceanîi, who said that “We intend to re-launch the dialogue and establish a new systemic cooperation mechanism, which will promote collaboration between the two parties and contribute to the transparency of the legislative process, as well as to streamline and facilitate the participation of civil society in the decision-making process ”, thus encouraging dialogue with civil society and the business environment and greater openness on the part of parliamentary committees and MPs.

The platform will act as a consultative body made up of representatives of non-governmental organizations, the business and academic environment, which will contribute to the elaboration, adoption, monitoring and evaluation of laws and decisions.

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