Moldova Small Business Handbook

English Version

The Alliance of Small and Medium Enterprises from Moldova offers a tool that would help you to create or grow a business: the Moldova Small Business Handbook. It was created in a participatory way, with a high degree of practical utility, adapted to the country business culture and to the current situation, this manual helps you to get a clear picture of how a business is managed.

Beginning with the procedure of registration, the type of taxes you have to pay and the regulations in this regard, to models of business planning tools, this guide gives you all the prerequisites to have a successful business.

A sustainable and properly managed business is also our success. We look forward to facilitate this process. That is why we provide you with the Moldova Small Business Handbook, a highly useful and practical tool. Convince by yourself of this.

Download the guide and use it to the full. Enjoy your reading!
Liliana Busuioc, AIM Executive Director.

Concise and useful

Practical and always available

Created in a participatory way

Translated into three languages

Continuously updated

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Manage your business efficiently and correctly to generate profit



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