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A sustainable and properly managed business is also our success.

We look forward to facilitate this process. That is why we provide you with the Moldova Small Business Handbook, a highly useful and practical tool. Convince by yourself of this.

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Liliana Busuioc, AIM Executive Director

The Handbook is for



Growth Companies

Growing companies

Mature SME’s

Mature SME’s

Why is the Handbook so good

Concise and useful

Practical and always available

Created in a participatory way

Available in 3 languages

Continuously updated

What is inside the Handbook

Book 1: Moldova Business Primers

Local taxes
Registration and regulation
Other key aspects of doing business in Moldova

Book 2: Business Tools

The latest business planning tools
Classic tools and techniques

Manage your business in a correct and effective manner to make your profit grow!

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The Handbook was created under the sponsorship of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC

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Best of luck to you in starting a new business or improving the market position of your current company. May everything you’ve planned come to fruition! And AIM is happy to help you in every possible way.

David Smith
General Editor,
Moldova Small Business Handbook

Please note!

This Handbook is not a Curriculum. It is not intended to be your only guide for running your business. Don’t expect that you will read this Handbook front to back and find every section useful or applicable to you. Should it happen so that you couldn’t find something that applies to your company or situation 100%, we are happy to get your questions or suggestions and help you sort out any problem. Fill in the contact form below and send the information to us.

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