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About AIM

Alliance of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises from Moldova is a non governmental, membership-based business association. FSEA’s members are small & medium-sized businesses working in the Republic of Moldova. Our members work together as allies through networking, resourcing, advocacy, and other initiatives to encourage and protect the development and growth through sharing common principles.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance and protect the general welfare and prosperity of small and medium-sized businesses and those doing business with small & medium-sized businesses in the Republic of Moldova, so that the business community and its citizens shall prosper.

Our Vision

AIM is a small and medium-sized business community working together toward common goals that will develop a clear and understandable business-legal environment, in order to promote economic growth and investment in the Republic of Moldova.

Declaration of Our Principles

We, as members of AIM, commit ourselves to the principles of fair, honest and open business, in compliance with the law and regulations of the Republic of Moldova. In striving to follow these principles we will:

avoid doing business with others who do not accept our values and who may harm our reputation.

set out our processes in a transparent way so we can keep support and our values.

make sure that everyone in our business and our business partners is aware of our principles.

strive to keep these principles even when it becomes difficult.

Areas of AIM activity

Business community development

Networking events
Educational events
Development events

“First call” resource


Policy & advocacy

Identification and systematization of members ‘challenges
Participation in dialogue with state institutions
Improvements of the regulatory framework

Our Board of Directors

David Smith

David Smith

AIM president

Expert AIMM Iurii Cicibaba

Iuri Cicibaba

Advocacy vice president

Alexei Kishlaru

Alexei Kishlaru

Board Member

Our Executive Team

Liliana Busuioc

Liliana Busuioc

Executive Director

Andrei Jizdan

Andrei Jizdan


Adriana Vulpe

Adriana Vulpe

Member’s Coordinator

Experts Team

The experts’s team is a small group of experts who offer, on request, consultancy in business development, and access to finances together with legal and fiscal support for AIM’s members and other SMEs. The purpose of the project is to improve the access to professional consultation and expertise for the local business environment.

Expert Elena Garaz

Elena Garaz

Law and Legal Questions

Expert Sergiu Rumleanschi

Sergiu Rumleanschi

Business Development

Expert AIMM Iurii Cicibaba

Iuri Cicibaba

Taxes and Accounting

Expert Olga Melniciuc

Olga Melniciuc

Attraction of funds and investments

Our Founders

AIM was founded by a group of American entrepreneurs who are currently working in the Republic of Moldova as entrepreneurs

David Smith

David Smith

Viorica Rumleanshi

Matt Rutter

Igor Prunean

Kelsey Walters