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Expert Consultation

As an AIM member you can request the consultation of any expert from our team of professionals.

Three simple steps to get a consultation:

Fill in the form below and submit. Once submitted, your application will be forwarded to the addressed expert.

Once received by the Expert, a confirmation of receipt email will be sent to you.

For x days our expert will process the request and return with an answer to the question asked.

Expert Elena Garaz

Elena Garaz

Law and Legal Questions

Lawyer, specializing in legal advice in the field of commercial law with extensive experience of work with companies operating in Moldova.

Expert Sergiu Rumleanschi

Sergiu Rumleanschi

Financial management and accounting

Expert in financial management, accounting, internal controls, as well as other aspects related to the State Tax Service and Audit.

Expert AIMM Iurii Cicibaba

Iuri Cicibaba

Taxes and Accounting

He specializes in accounting, internal controls, international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and auditing. Possesses Experience in the public sector, including public procurement, state-owned enterprises and public internal control.

Expert Olga Melniciuc

Olga Melniciuc

Attraction of funds and investments

You can ask me questions about access to financing on favorable terms for your company, including how to access grants, financing credits and other financial opportunities for the purpose of financing the business.