AIM participated at the Informing Session with Customs Service

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On October 11th, AIM participated at the Informing Session with the Customs Service organized on the Prime Minister’s Economic Council platform.

The  aim of the event was to inform the companies involved in the international trade of goods about tools of facilitating cross-border trade, which allow cost reductions and reduction of time required for customs clearance, increase of security in cross-border trading operations and informing on periodical declaration of the goods exported by the economic agents by means of postal items, the latest legislative changes in the field of determining the customs value of goods and benefits  of the Approved Export Operator status.

At the session were present the representatives of the Customs Council. They presented the information on procedures of becoming an Authorized Economic Operator(AEO), establishment of the goods value, the legislative framework on the obtaining the certificate of AEO, customs Declaration of goods, digital declaration of import usage.

On of the topics were the periodic declaration of the goods exported by the economic agents through the international courier services. Customs Service representatives mentioned that E-commerce for export would provide increased accessibility to the regional and global market, that is why the reduction of customs declaration costs will be reduced. According to Order no. 408-O of 04.09.2019 there is an Instruction regarding the procedure for the periodic declaration of the goods exported by the economic agents through the international postal items, which allows the grouping of the export procedures and implies the reduction of the expenses for the customs declarations. The conditions to use this procedure are: registration at the Customs Service, the export will be done by post office or courier services with the total value of export 1000 euros/month. To use this preferential procedure there should be a minimum of 2 deliveries in 30 days.

Customs Service is working on developing additional national software that will allow the opening of electronic commerce to a global level.

The event was organized with the support and direct contribution of the Economic Council of Prime Minister.

The information session ended by encouraging the economic operators to submit applications for the certificate of Authorized Economic Agent and to take advantage of the benefits offered by it, as well as, bilateral discussions with the representatives of the Customs Council for clarifying the specific situations faced by the economic operators during their regular activity.

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