AIM and CPR MOLDOVA in dialogue with entrepreneurs from Soroca | AIMM

AIM and CPR MOLDOVA in dialogue with entrepreneurs from Soroca

On October 25, AIM and CPR Moldova organized a dialogue with representatives of the business environment in Soroca.

The purpose of the discussion was to identify problems that would impede the normal development of the business environment. Thus, the problems mentioned were regarding fiscal controls, abusive fines that are applied to them and the impediments created by the state and its institutions, which instead of encouraging the business environment, actually create artificial impediments.

One thing specific to the city was the problem of the environment, namely the lack of a treatment plant. These are some of the biggest problems stated by entrepreneurs:

  1. The abusive controls by the authorities.
  2. The lack of qualified human resources caused by the emigration of citizens and the lack of public policies for their return, non-qualitative training in vocational schools, the existence of unemployment benefit, which encourages the passivity of working citizens.
  3. This was also stated in the discussion with the entrepreneurs from Balti.
  4. High taxes, lack of mechanisms to support companies and the need to create privileges, including financial (or exemption) for any newly created job.
  5. The obligation to return the VAT for all the goods purchased during the period when they were VAT payers, in the event of changing the status of an LTD from the VAT payer to the VAT non-payer.
  6. This phenomenon can easily create the failure of the economic agent to pay, which resulted in a bankruptcy case.
  7. Obligation to obtain certificates of professional competence, certificates on labour protection, etc. which involve additional costs for entrepreneurs but often act only obtained for checkboxes.
  8. Frequent change of the Labeling Law. This involves unprogrammed additional costs, and at the state level, there is no mechanism to offset these costs.
  9. The lack of a wastewater treatment plant and the discharge of all waste into the river waters of the Dniester River, which can lead to an ecological catastrophe and endanger, including, the business environment.

The representatives of the business environment were concerned about these problems and the organized discussion offered
the opportunity for the economic agents to share their experiences and come up with proposals to change the old and useless rules to create a favourable environment for the development of the business.

Disclaimer: The Development of Small and Medium Business in the Regions ”is implemented by CPR Moldova, in partnership with the Alliance of Small and Medium Enterprises. Meetings with the business environment, are organized within the project ” Instigating to order: the community against corruption” implemented by CPR Moldova with the financial support of the Soros-Moldova Foundation and Open Society Foundations. The views expressed in this material do not necessarily reflect the donor’s position.