AIM and CPR Moldova in dialogue with the entrepreneurs from Stefan Voda - AIMM

AIM and CPR Moldova in dialogue with the entrepreneurs from Stefan Voda

On November 14th, AIM – Alliance of Small and Medium Enterprises, together with CPR Moldova, organized discussions with the representatives of the business environment in Stefan Voda.

The purpose of the discussions was to identify the problems that entrepreneurs constantly face and their influence on the conduct of entrepreneurial activity.

During the dialogue the following problems were identified:

  1. Abuses by the fiscal control bodies, mentioning the lack of a constructive attitude and repressive actions by the control bodies by applying the fine regardless of the situation. The institution of the warning continues to be completely neglected.
  2. The problem of very high and disproportionate local taxes was mentioned by some entrepreneurs, especially those who are in the first years of activity and have a quite small turnover.
  3. Lack of efficiency of social services and insurance. The obligation and the costs of the medical health book for the HORECA domain are paid separately from the social contributions and the income tax, which represents about 45%. Thus, employers are required to pay certain amounts of money for additional things. Employees do not trust social services and, there is no relevant argument for compulsory social payments – this contributes to lowering the net salary and encouraging work without paying contributions.
  4. Overvaluation of customs value of goods. This stagnates the imports, but also creates premises for giving up the entrepreneurial activity. At the same time, the entrepreneurs mentioned about the abusive controls by the National Patrol Inspectorate, although it is not a specialized institution in the direct control of the activity of the contractors. Some employees check the means of transport, in order to obtain material benefits either by collecting fines or even bribes.
  5. The lack of financial resources to hire lawyers leads to the erroneous application of some legal provisions, the lack of effective instruments and procedures for challenging certain decisions, contravention processes, but also the ignorance of the legislative changes that would prevent certain sanctions.
  6. Lack of business associations in regions that would allow to promote the interests of companies.

AIM – Alliance of Small and Medium Enterprises is the partner of CPR Moldova in the project „Development of Small and Medium Business in Regions”