AIM members in conversation with the President of Victoriabank at „Business over Beers” | AIMM

AIM members in conversation with the President of Victoriabank at „Business over Beers”

On February 28th AIM organized this year’s first edition of the Business over Beers in a new format. The new format allows the entrepreneurs and members of AIM to socialize among themselves, but also to get to know important personalities of the country’s economic and political life as special guests of the event, organized on a monthly basis. This edition special guest was Mr Bogdan Plesuvescu, the President of Victoriabank.

During the event, Mr Plesuvescu discussed with AIM members about the perspectives of the banking sector and small businesses in Moldova and about the development of financial services, especially those dedicated to SMEs. He underlined that innovation and digitization of banking services are needed and the cash market will gradually diminish in Moldova in favour of digital transactions such as internet mobile banking. In its opinion, banks should be more open to small entrepreneurs, listen to their needs and provide customized services.

Mr Plesuvescu said that SMEs have very good growth prospects, both in terms of the legal framework and the macroeconomic evolution of the country and regional context.

At the same time, the banker stressed the need for greater corporate transparency within the Moldovan companies, which the associative sector can contribute. He welcomed the AIM initiative to discuss the relationship between SMEs and the Bank, as well as the Alliance’s overall objective – to promote business with integrity, contribute to economic growth and advocacy for small businesses and institutional reforms.

Business over Beers is an AIM branded event, organized monthly for Alliance members, which offers the opportunity to talk informally with personalities of Moldovan public life and socialize with entrepreneurs sharing the same values. The event was attended by more than 40 participants, small businesses from different industries, such as clothing, services, commerce, etc.