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Meet a member: Caparol Moldova – Daw Benta Mol

On June 20th we have visited FSEA member CAPAROL Moldova – Daw Benta Mol.
Sergiu Aftenev the director of the company have shared us the history and his experience within the company in Moldova that he is leading since 2012. Thank you, Sergiu for hosting the event and sharing this impressive history with us.
Here are 5 things that you should know about this amazing company:

  1. It is a German Company with a history of more than120 years
  2. It is A family business in the 5th generation
  3. They are the inventors of the first chemical binder and innovators in this industry
  4. It holds No 3 market position in Europe and No6 worldwide with a turnover of 1,5 billion EUR
  5. In Moldova, Caparol is the main supporter of Mural art since its first appearance in 2012